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Day4: Quito Teleferic

18 °C

Day4, 8th of may. The plan was to visit the cloudy forest north Quito, but unfortunately the road was closed and there is no other substitute. Plan B is to take it easy today and try to finish our bookings for the next 10 days at least and go to the Teleferic and a garden that is famous at the sunset time and maybe a mall.
We woke up at 7:30, did some planning and bookings then we left to the teleferic at 9am, for no reason we found ourselves walking heading to the telefric where we should take a taxi from the hotel because of safety issues, we tried to stop a taxi so many times but no one stopped, we kept on walking for 45 min approximately and one of a sudden we are there.
Note: Quito is the second highest capital in the world, 2850m. The teleferic starts at elevation of 2950m and moves up to 4050m, NO OXYGEN – any effort will be exhausting.
As soon as we reached the top we had a coco herbal tea for the high altitude, then we started walking around to find the best spots for taking photos. The view of Quito from up there is stunning and you can notice that it is a very long city, around 90km long and 30km wide on its max. After the teleferic we went for lunch in Al Jardin Mall. I think we had enough of local food so I had filled my stomach with an amazing pesto pizza with shrimp then we went for a short walk in a garden in front of the mall.

Evening time we were busy again with our bookings for the next 10 days with one of the traveling agencies in Quito. THANK GOD, we’re done with all the bookings so far for Ecuador. Dinner at Plaza Foch again then buenos noches.

People go out on Tuesdays here in Quito as it’s a weekend day.

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Day3: Otovalo Town & Eating CUY

22 °C

We started our tour with Juan Carlos, our driver not the king of Spain, at 7:30am. It is 2 hours to Otovalo which it happens to have the biggest flea market in South America but on the way we stopped at the Equator line monument which is the latitude 0 we had a brief description about the stars and the equator line then we left for a coco tea break with biscuits and Caramel on a view point on San Pablo lake. Coco tea is recommended for the high latitude. The best time to visit Otovalo is on Saturdays unless you want to avoid the tourist and cars & buses traffic. We did not spend much time in Otovalo’s flea market although they had a lot of nice tourist stuff but we have limited luggage weight and size. Then we headed to an amazing spot, a lake on the top of a volcano and this lake has two islands in the middle of it and it is a national reserve. It’s called lake . We had a peaceful boat ride around the islands where we spotted some birds and a deer.
The big story is our lunch. We had an Ecuadorian typical food, potato cream soup, another egg thing with bread, grilled checkin and a CUY aside. What is a CUY? the animal and the meat of a guinea pig in the Andean regions of South America, a traditional food of Peruvian, Colombian, and Ecuadorian Andean people.
Yes we ate it, it looked disgusting but taste like checkin and yes it tasted good. After the CUY we went back to our hotel settled down for sometime. For dinner we went to Plaza Foch where you find plenty of trendy restaurants. We had dinner in Cinquecento, an Italian Restaurant, it was very nice. Dirct to the hotel, writting my post and sleep. Buenos Noches !

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Day2: Quito City Tour

Day2: walk up 7:30am, took a quick shower and decided to have our breakfast in Plaza Grande Hotel. We took a taxi for 3$ to the old centre of Quito. Quito was the first city to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

Thank God, our main concern was the weather, il 7emdellah, but it was just amazing. Cool, sunny few times, partially cloudy most of the time and it started to rain when we were done with our city tour and started having our lunch. After lunch we walked from Calle de la Ronda to Plaza Grande where we had an Ecuadorian hot chocolate, with Cinnamon, which I did not like and an amazing coconut cake at Hotel Plaza Grande.

We went back to the Hotel and started an amazing tour checking the hotel rooms. We had a problem with our room and the hotel receptionist kept on sending us from a room to another, anyway I will dedicate a whole post for this story.

After we set our tour for tomorrow with the concierge we head to a very nice mall that we did not expect to see here, it’s called Quicentro Shopping. What was not nice at all that everything closes at 8pm even the restaurants. We ended up in KFC, it was fine. We looked for a Taxi to get back to the hotel and we found an Egyptian taxi, that was funny. My friend already slept and am still awake chatting with friends in a group chat while they are join back to their work and writing this post.

These post are just quick day to day updates and activities, and their will be more gallery posts and detailed explanation and info.
Now Buenos Noches

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Day1: Reaching Quito, Ecuador


5th of may 1:20am my flights marathon to Quito – Ecuador starts. First flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Charlotte – Atlanta. Second flight from Charlotte – Atlanta to Miami – Florida. Third and last flight from Miami – Florida to Quito – Ecuador’s Capital. Thank God it was smooth flying all the way, it was 10 hours of flying and total of 19 hours. I have met my traveling partner at Quito’s airport although we flew together from Miami but from different terminals and different airlines.

We did not apply for a visa because Ecuador does not require a visa for all countries since 2008. Another interesting info about Ecuador that they use US Dollars officially all over the country. When we reached Quito it was raining and it will be raining for some days if not weeks. Am praying for my luck to work, I want to wake up tomorrow and see the sun.

We checked in Mercure Quito. We had some problems with the room, we didn’t sort out yet. First impression wasn’t that good but we hope tomorrow everything will go right.

Tomorrow our first day touring, we will do a city walking tour. I want to take my DSLR camera with me but there were a lot of warnings so am not sure yet. My cyber shot 16 MP sony is good but once you go DSLR you never go back.
We had dinner in Spice Bistro restaurant in our hotel and it was simply not good.

That is the first day update hopefully tomorrow is sunny and not rainy so we can take a lot of pics and walk around freely.
11:55pm Buenos Noches


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